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  1. what is the longest word in the world?

  key:smile. 谜语解析:因为两个S隔了一里(mile)

  2. what letter is an animal? key --B(Bee)

  哪个字母是一个动物 答案:B

  3. What letter stands for the ocean? key:C(sea)


  4. what letter is a question? key:Y

  哪个字母是一个问题? 英语谜语答案:Y(why)

  5. what letter is your eye? key:I

  哪个字母是你的眼睛? 答案:I(eye)

  6. what letter is a vegetable? key:P

  哪个字母是一种蔬菜 答案:P(pea)豌豆

  7. what stays hot even if put it in a fridge? key:pepper

  什么东西即使放到冰箱中也是热的? 答案:pepper(胡椒粉) 谜语解析:hot也有辣的意思

  8. what fruit is never found singly? key:pear

  什么水果永远都不会是单数? 答案:pear(梨) 谜语解析:pear和pair(一双)读音相同

  9. With which hand do you write? key:neither,i use a pen!

  你用哪只手写字呢? 谜语答案:都不用,我用笔

  10. what man cannot live in a house?



  11. What never asks questions but gets a lot of answers?


  谜语答案:dictionary (字典)

  12. What question can you never answer "Yes" to?


  谜语答案:Are you dead?(你死了吗?)Are you asleep?(你睡着了吗)

  13. You have it.You read it.There're some pictures in it?



  14. A mouse has a large pocket. What is it?


  谜语答案:a kangaroo(袋鼠)

  15. It has a head ,but no neck.It has a body,but no warmth.NO feet,but can travel?


  谜语答案:a car(汽车)

  16. What gets larger,the more you take away?



  17. What goes on four legs in the morning,on two at noon,and on three in the evening?


  谜语答案:People.They crawled when they were babies and walked with two legs before they had to rely on a crutch in old age.


  18. What do we get if we cross a woodpecker with a homing pigeon?


  谜语答案:A bird that knocks on the door when delivering messages.


  19. Where does afternoon come before morning in the world?世界上哪个地方下午比早上先到?

  谜语答案:In the dictionary.在字典里。

  20. What do you know about the kings of France? 你对法国君主有什么了解?

  谜语答案:They are all dead. 他们都死了。

  21. what must you do before you return a book to the library?

  key:borrow the book from library

  把书换到图书馆之前你必须做什么? 谜语大全及答案:从图书馆借书


  22. how many sides does a circle have? key:Two,the inside and the outside


  23. what tree is always very sad? key:weeping willow

  什么书树总是很伤心?答案:垂柳.谜语解析:weeping willow的意思是垂柳,weeping是哭,willow是柳树

  24. what is full when it's used and empty when it's at rest? key:a shoe


  25. when can you get water with a net? key:when water is turned into ice

  什么时候你可以用用网拿到水呢? 英语答案:当水变成冰的时候

  26. why are people tired on April Fool's Day? key:Because they have just had a long March. 为什么在四月一日愚人节人们都很累?答案:因为他们刚度过了一个很长的三月(行军).march除了三月以外还有行军的意思。

  27. what's the poorest bank in the world? key:the river bank


  28. what is heavier in summer than in winter? key:Traffic to the beach

  什么东西夏天比冬天重?答案:去海滩的车流 解释:heavy除了重的意思,还有交通量大的,繁忙的意思。

  29. what can pierce one's ears without a hole? key:Noise,voice


  30. what's too much for two and just right for one? key:A secret

  什么东西对两个人来说太多,一个人刚刚好? 答案:秘密,因为两个知道就是不是秘密了。

  31. what tree letters turn a girl into a woman? key:age

  哪三个字母把一个女孩变成了妇女? 答案:年龄

  32. what has two legs but cann't walk? key:compass

  什么东西有两条腿却不能走路 答案:圆规

  33. what is pronounced like one letter,written with three letters,and belongs to all animals? key:eye

  什么东西读起来像是一个字母,写起来是三个字母,并且所有动画都有它呢? 答案:eye(眼睛)

  34. what bird lifts heavy things? key:crane

  什么鸟可以举起来很重的东西? 答案:crane(鹤,另外一个意思是举重机)

  35. what always goes up and never goes down? key:your age

  什么东西永远只升不降 答案:你的年龄

  36. what will you break once you say it? key:silence

  什么东西你说出来就打破了它? 答案:沉默

  37. why is the libray the highest building? key:it has the most stories?

  为什么图书馆是最高的建筑? 答案:因为它有所有的楼层 (story有两层意思,一个是故事,一个是楼层)

  38. what do every couple have in common? key: they're married on the same day

  每一对夫妻都有的共同点是什么? 答案:他们都在同一天结婚

  39. what word is pronounced wrong,even by the best of scholars? key:wrong

  哪个单词即使是最好的学者来念都念错? 答案:wrong(错)

  40. what animal is taller sitting down than standing up? key:A dog

  什么动物坐着比站着高? 答案:狗

  41. what is black when it's clean and white when it's dirty? key:a blackboard

  什么东西干净的时候是黑色的,脏的时候是白色的。 答案:黑板

  42. what 5-letter word has 6 left when you take 2 letters away? key:sixth


  43. A big Indian and a little Indian are walking down the street ,the little Indian is the son of the big Indian ,but the big Indian is not the father of the little Indian ,how is this possible?

  key:the big Indian is the mother of the little Indian


  44. What has four eyes but cannot see?


  谜语答案:Mississippi 谜语解析:有4个i,但是因为是地名,所以看不见。

  45. What's the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space; the beginning of end, and the end of every place? key:The letter "e"

  什么是永恒的开始,是时间的结束,是结局的开始,是每一个地方的结束? 答案:字母e,看这四个单词的结尾就明白了。

  45. What can you catch but cannot throw? key :a cold

  什么东西你能抓住但是不能扔掉? 答案:感冒(catch a cold),英文中感冒为catch a cold

  46. What is deaf and dumb but always tells the truth? key:mirror

  什么是聋哑的,但是却总是告诉我们真相? 答案:镜子

  47. What has a tongue but cannot talk? key: a shoe

  什么东西有舌头但是却不会说话? 答案:鞋

  48. What has teeth but cannot eat? key:corn

  什么东西有牙齿却不能吃东西? 答案:玉米

  49. What is yours but is used by others more than by yourself? key:your name

  什么东西是你的但是别人却用的比你多? 答案:你的名字

  50. What goes through a door but never comes in or goes out? key:keyhole

  什么东西穿过门,但是从来也没有进去或者出来? 答案:锁眼








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