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  The importance of learning Englishi


  With the progress and development of society . The importance of English has become increasingly increased . As the most important carrier of information , English has become the most widely used language in our daily life .


  English is the most popular language in the world, and it is also most widely spoken of all the language. Many people speak English as a second language . If you don't understand English , how can you know more about the world , how can you get more knowledge . At international conferences , English is also used as the official language . In China , English is spoken as an important and useful foreign language . Without good English , you cannot express your ideas well at such conferences , neither can you introduce China to the outside world .


  English becomes one of your advantage . learnning english well make you feel just like a fish in water . At the same time , you will be more Confident and have more opportunities to contact with more knowledge .



  One  glance at a pyramid can leave the viewer in awe of its beauty and splend or. Upon closer examination, however, one might be surprised to discover that such a grandiose structure is composed entirely of ordinary stones.


  Most  people are familiar with the proverb: Rome was not built in a day. An object as grand as a pyramid is likewise not so quickly or easily constructed. Just as the greatness of the city of Rome is due to the combination of its smaller parts, a pyramid is only as strong as the stones it is comprised of. The image of a pyramid reminds us that great success is in fact an accumulation of small a chievements.


  History  proves that many famous artists and scientists are only successful because of their continued efforts, even after numerous failures. One might recall Leonardo DaVinci's drawing of an egg, Wang Xi Zhi practicing handwriting, or Thomas Edison inventing the light bulb, for example. The fable that tells us that even water can eventually pierce through stone also points to the importance of patience and diligence. We should take such stories and histories into account and remember the importance of fundamentals; remember that one can build a pyramid only if one is willing to work with small stones. People would be wise to abandon rash inclinations and instead try in earnest. Perseverance is sure to lead to success.


  范文2:We can see in the picture, a great Egyptian Pyramid towering magnificently into the sky. At first sight visitors may be overwhelmed by the pyramid and cannot help but marvel at the huge stones in front of them — the embodiment of patience and endurance of an Ancient Egyptian Civilization. During this extended period of building, one can only imagine the amount of patience and endurance that was required by the people before any of this greatness was to be achieved.


  The  stones of the pyramid remind us of a famous saying: “Rome was not built in a day,” that is, great things are never done without much time and labor.


  As  human beings, we are eager to win merits for ourselves. It is, however, only patience as well as endurance that can help us to succeed in performing great deeds. In the case of Si Maqian, without those brilliant qualities mentioned above, he could never attain such great achievements. Difficulties are unavoidable, unless we do not engage in anything at all. In the end, it is patience and endurance that counts.


  Some people would give up halfway in the face of what seems to be insurmountable. Men of such a type can hardly expect to succeed. We must take a step-by-step approach to accomplish everything until we get the final result. The reason is very simple: if one attempts to climb a mountain, however high he reaches, he has failed if he does not reach the top.



  When I use the English words to make sentences and talk with others , I exactly feel interested . So if you ask me the question-“how do you find English”,I must say : “Quite well , I like it . ”


  The reason is quite easy to give . At least I get an ability that I can use another language to express what I have in my mind . In addition, English is not as hard as Chinese to study as long as you devote yourself in it . What , I think , is important is that the importance of English is raising sharply in the world . If we don’t do our best to learn it , we will not catch up with the tide , that’s the motive power of my English studying .


  All in all , I am willing to spend more time on college English and I will try my best to learn it well! Hoping that my English can be wonderful in the future!








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