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  第一部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)

  第一节 (共15小题;每小题2分,满分30分)



  Nowadays the cost of a new car has fallen in real terms so that it is cheaper than ever to own one, and better road conditions have also attracted more drivers. The result is overcrowding on the road system, which is one of the problems the local governments are faced with.

  When people travel to other towns, the problem might be relieved by getting them to park outside the town. Buses could be provided to take them into the centre. These Park and Ride projects are increasingly popular in the UK. At Souderton, for example, a council-funded project led to a 15% drop in city centre traffic over five months.

  What the council found, though, was that the project proved somewhat unpopular with shop owners in the area outside the centre. Many of their shops rel ied on passing car drivers for some of their trade. As the number of people driving past dropped, so did their incomes.

  Making car driving expensive is another way of encouraging people to use public transport more. Road taxes tend to mean that people use their cars less. Fining drivers who are in areas where cars have been banned can also tend to encourage them to leave their cars behind.

  However, one thing has to be got right for any solution to succeed. If we expect people to give up the habit of driving, we must give them an alternative they can rely on. Constant delays, unannounced changes to the timetable and sudden cancellations all discourage people from using public transport. People will only see it as a real choice if the buses and trains are on time.

  1. What should people do when traveling to other towns according to the Park and Ride projects?

  A.They should park in the park, and take a taxi to the centre.

  B.They should take the bus to other towns instead of driving.

  C.They should park outside the town, and take the bus to the centre.

  D.If they don’t use public transport, they’ll be fined.

  2. Wh at are some shop owners’ attitude to the project?

  A.supportive B.objective

  C.opposed D.subjective

  3. Why are people unwilling to use public transport according to Paragraph 5?

  A.Because buses constantly delay and even sudden cancellations.

  B.Because the timetable changes without announcement.

  C.Because they want to show off their cars and driving skills.

  D.Because public transport can not satisfy the passengers.

  4. How many ways are mentioned to solve the overcrowding?

  A.Two B.Three C.Four D.Five


  When I was 11, I threw a glance into Dad’s lunch box and made the unexpected discovery that my mother still showed her love towards my father. The evidence, a napkin resting on top of the sandwiches packed in wax paper, was certain “Love you!” she had written on the napkin. “ Meat loaf for supper!”

  Mom penned all kinds of messages to Dad on those paper napkins, and he saved a whole pile of them. What embarrassed me as a kid has beco me a precious memory of my parents.

  It also started my own brand of lunch box notes. When my kids were young, I’d glue little drawings on their lunches. Lots of sketches(素描) of our dog, Max, along with smiling flowers. When they were teenagers, I’d copy words of wisdom from great people, Einstein, for example, or Bruce Springsteen. Then, my kids grew up making their own handwritten notes. And my husband writes me love notes on recycled paper, because he’s all about being green.

  Friends who know about my lunch box notes eagerly share stories of their own family traditions. So many focus on food. Maura’s mom always drew hearts on the shells of hard-boiled eggs. Melinda wrote messages on her kids’ bananas.

  We’re into the third generation of lunch box notes in o ur home. Whenever my 3-year-old grandson, Clayton, spends the night, he knows his lunch is going to have a napkin note from Grandma in the morning. Last week, I drew a picture of me, waving widely and shouting his name. He took one look at it and screamed, “ Where’s Grandpa?” I added a man in a clean shirt. “ You forgot his tie,” he said. I quickly drew a line of stripes(条纹) down the front of the shirt. Clayton smiled. “Grandpa,” he whispered, running his fingers across the napkin. “It’s you!”

  5. When the author first saw Dad’s lunch box notes, she felt ______.

  A.moved B.awkward

  C.proud D.nervous

  6. What did the author put in the lunch boxes when her kids were in their teens?

  A.Words of love. B.Pictures of flowers.

  C.Drawings of their favorite animals. D.Famous words of wisdom

  7. It can b e inferred that ________.

  A.the author’s grandson likes drawing pictures on napkins.

  B.the author’s children dislike making lunch box notes.

  C.the author’s husband is an environmentalist.

  D.the author’s friends all had their brand of lunch box notes .

  8. What’s the best title for the text?

  A.Old generation’s way of expressing love.

  B.Different brands of lunch box notes.

  C.Lunches packed with love.

  D.Some interesting family traditions.


  Nancy Tillman’s wonderful On the Night You Were Born is one of my very favorite books. Its celebration of the uniqueness of each and every child told in lyrical language makes it the gift I choose most often for expectant or adoptive parents. I also read it regularly with my grandchildren and talk with them about how special they are.

  Tillman feels that the most important message for children to receive is simply, “You are loved.” And it’s that message that is the focus of this, her newest book, Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You. Once again, it is her turn of phrase that most fascinates me: In the green of the grass ... in the smell of the sea ... in the clouds floating by ... at the top of a tree ... in the sound crickets make at the end of the day ... “You are loved. You are loved. You are loved,” they all say. Phrases encourage children to grow, to try new things, to “march to the front” of their “own parade” and assures them that, no matter how far they go or what they do, they will be loved.

  Though the words alone would convince me to buy, share and recommend this book, Tillman is also a gifted artist and her lovely work makes this book a visual treasure as well. Through the pages, a child rides hippos, splashes in the surf with elephants, plays hide and seek with rabbits, shares a trampoline(蹦床) with a kangaroo and enjoys some quiet time with a pair of pandas. My favorite drawing has the child walking away along a wide path that runs between trees covered in mist. In all of the drawings, swirls of sparkling lights wrap around the child--the love that will always be with him/her.

  I’ve read On the Night You Were Born dozens of times and with every single reading, I am incredibly touched. Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You creates the same feeling of wonder, peace and happiness in me. It’s a keep-forever book and I’m so happy to have it in my collection to share with the children I love most.

  9. The purpose of this passage is to __________.

  A.encourage people to buy Nancy Tillman’s books for their children

  B.recommend Tillman’s new book--Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You

  C.advocate the theme of love among family members

  D.Let children know they are loved and educate them to love others

  10. Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the passage?

  A.Nancy Tillman’s book On the Night You Were Born encourages children to try new things.

  B.The most important focus of Tillman’s books is for children to know they are loved.

  C.The writer considers Tillman a gifted artist for her vivid use of words and rich imagination.

  D.The writer has bought and read both of Tillman’s books mentioned in this passage.

  11. Pick out the true statements according to the passage.

  A.The words alone makes Tillman’s boo ks the writer’s favorite.

  B.Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You is published earlier than On the Night You Were Born.

  C.My favorite drawing shows the feeling of wonder with the child swirling in sparkling lights.

  D.The drawings in Wherever You Are convey love with pictures involving animals.


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