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  Dumpling is a traditional chinese food. On the lunar new year' s day, most families make a lot of delicious dumplings. To make them, follow this easy process.

  The first step is to mix the flour with water. when the dough is ready, we can begin to make dumpling wrappers.

  we use a rolling pole to roll the dough into small, thin and round pieces so that they will be easy to cook. when the wrappers are done, it' s time to prepare the filling. Usually, we use meat such as beef or mutton, and some vegetables such as cabbage or carrots for filling.You may actually choose whatever you like to put into it. we must chop those things into small pieces.Then put some salt, oil and other condiments into it and stir it evenly. When all these preparations are done, we can start making dumplings.

  First put a spoonful of filling in the center of the wrapper.

  Then stick the two opposite sides together and then the rest. Don' t just cover the filling with the wrappers. The best shape of dumplings is that of a ship, because when they are boiling in the pan, they look like ships sailing in the sea.

  The smell can make your mouth water.





  Before we visit the restaurant and taste the delicious food, I would like to tell you something about the slow-cooked soup. Enjoying a good fame in China and abroad, Cantonese cuisine is one of the four major traditional cuisines in China. In general, Cantonese cuisine is characterized by its different and special ingredients and its fine making. For this reason, the Cantonese food tastes fresh, light and unique. When in Guangzhou, you cannot miss the nutritious and healthy slow-cooked soup, which takes five or six hours to cook. It is the unique charm and rich cooking culture that have earned Cantonese cuisine a well-known saying—Eating in Guangzhou. Steaming fish is a classical Guang Dong dish. It is famous for light, soft and slippery taste.

  The material must be fresh, and the cook must control the heat to make sure the fish remain tender and pure. Put the fresh fish in the pot to steam for 8 minutes with mild heat. Before the dish is finished, add a spoon of oil and some chopped green onion and a spoon of soy sauce, and then the steaming fish is done. My father is very good at cooking this course. I really love the way he cook the fish, not only maintain the original flavors of the fish, but also provide with enough protein.

  在我们参观餐厅,品尝美味的食物,我想告诉你一些关于粤菜的事情。 粤菜是中国传统的四大菜系之一,并且在国内外都有一个很好的名声。一般来说,广东菜的特点是不同而特殊的原料以及它精美的制作。出于这个原因,粤菜口味新鲜,清淡,同

  时也是独一无二的。在广州的时候,你不能错过营养和健康的老火汤,这需要五六个小时来煲。吃在广州,老火汤独特的魅力和丰富的烹饪文化,让粤菜名满天下。 清蒸鱼是一道经典的广东菜,以口味清谈、鱼肉细滑而著名。所用材料必须新鲜,厨师需掌控好火候,以此保证鱼肉的鲜嫩。将鲜鱼放在锅中,用文火蒸8分钟。在出锅之前,加一小勺油和一些葱花及一勺酱油,清蒸鱼就做好了。我的父亲很擅长烹饪这道菜。我非常喜欢他做的清蒸鱼,不仅仅保留了鱼的鲜美,也提供了足够的蛋白质。


  My favourite food is cake.because it is very delicious.Although cake is very sweet,it looks very beautiful.On my birthday,my mother bought a cake for me.L'm very happy.There are some things on the cake.For example ,some fruit and some chocolate .l also like chocolate very much .Cake is my favourite .



  People in different parts of our country have very different ideas about what is good to eat. In our country, for example, people from the south like to eat rice whereas people living in the north prefer bread or noodles. The natives of Hunan or Sichuan enjoy hot food while those of Shanghai or Suzhou will choose sweet dish.

  But even if people live in the same part of the country, their tastes vary greatly. Old people and young ones have different tastes; men and women also have their different preferences. In a restaurant, some customers order soups that is thick and heavy, while others drink soup that is thin and clear. A few people only eat vegetables. They de noteat fish or chicken.

  Therefore, it is not easy for restaurants to satisfy the needs of all the customers. To increase their business, the restaurants in the cities try their best to prepare foods of different kinds and different styles. They constantly add new names of dishes to their menus to eater for customers with different tastes.





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