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  开学第一天英语作文带翻译篇一:The first day of my high school life

  How quickly time has flown by!My summer holiday is over.

  Our school is much more beautiful than before.The grass in front of the office building is so green.The river beside it is so clean and the trees around it are so tall.Our classroom building has changed a lot.It has become higher and more new than last term.

  I come into our classroom.The windows are very new and clean.My classmates and I are interested in the new things in the classroom.

  We have come into the third year.We are a little nervous.We're very busy today.We have three new teachers.We all like them.Today just as usualwe have been busy doing everythingbut I like life like this.Busy days can make me happy and excited.

  This is my first day of school.It is busy but interesting.I like my classroommy school and I like my first day.






  开学第一天英语作文带翻译篇二:The first day of my high school life

  The first day of high school life I have some thoughts and feelings. The passage of time can always give people some special things.

  In the new environment I feel a bit excited. Be able to recognize the new students and teachers is my greatest gains. In the next three years we will learn、work and progress together to make our dreams come true. I will have new friends and share the joy and sadness with them. The process of learning is also a growing process.

  Similarly I will also face many difficulties. I might have difficulties in learning and getting along with classmates bearing some pressure in life. However I will get stronger and get through every step of high school three years.




  开学第一天英语作文带翻译篇三:The first day of my high school life

  The first day of schoolThe new semester begins I believe you are very excited because after all is not met for two months.

  After school must be nervous and busy. I intend to continue with my classmates in good relationship. And students chat say their interesting meet in winter vacation. Of course I also met a lot of interesting things. Last semester the teacher in the school reports required me to study more carefully then neat handwriting. School begins with the teacher's request to correct our shortcomings.

  School is a great pleasure in my life so that no longer stay at home a person watching TV and students can together on physical education playing table tennis Chinese class listen to the story. Make a lot of fun. I still wish I was the class composition champion after school and wrote many essays to.

  I have many friends in my class. I have the closest relationship with the king. I have a common hobby with him playing basketball. Don't look at him he's a little thin but I can play basketball. I have the best in Meng Runchi is a quiet girl. Her English is better than me I have no understanding of the place to ask her she patiently answer until I understand is my little teacher.

  I have a new goal in the new semester I will be more progressive than last term!


  放学后一定是紧张和忙碌的。我打算继续和我的同学们保持良好的关系。和学生聊天,说他们有趣的相遇在寒假。当然,我也遇到了很多有趣的事情。上学期的老师在学校的报告要求我要学习更仔细,然后整洁的书法。学校开始与老师的要求改正我们的缺点。 学校是我生活中的一大乐趣,所以不再呆在家里,一个人看电视,和同学们一起上体育课,打乒乓球,语文课,听故事。做很多乐趣。




  开学第一天英语作文带翻译篇四:School begins

  Today is going to school.

  I got up early and went to bed. I checked my bag and checked it carefully. After dinner I put everything packed can't stop looking at the time 8:30 before school I feel time is somewhat slow my heart already fly to school to do.

  8:15 I set out on my back. Today's fog is a bit large but it does not affect the mood of my happiness. To the classroom some students have arrived we greet each other talking about interesting things in the holidays. I saw some students grow in the vacation some "fat" some become more handsome more beautiful. We are discussing in full swing Zhang came in the classroom immediately quiet down as if frightened the little frog all of a sudden stopped croak. Zhang looks younger. She first gave us a summary of the results of the last semester but also to give us a talk about the arrangement of this semester and then we began to clean the health. After cleaning the teacher gave us a new book we are carefully looked at I feel this semester's book is more difficult than the previous semester but I am confident that they learn to have a solid. The teacher gave us some of the requirements of this semester announced today after school so we carefully put the book into the bag happily go home.











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